45+ Inspiring Wall Mural Designs That Will Beautify Your Home

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What can a wall mural do for your home? It can change the mood of a room or transport you to another country or another world, real or imaginary! The way we decorate our home can be influenced by our family activities in and around our home coupled with other home décor which contribute to our level of comfort and happiness. Creating comfort with home décor is unique to each individual. Most of us decorate to match our life style. Do we entertain often, have children and/or pets, have a preference for formality or relaxation, or reside in a warmer southern climate by or in the countryside? Any one or a combination of these and other living conditions may direct how we choose to decorate.

We typically spend most of our time at home interacting with family, filling time between activities, relaxing, recharging our batteries, or sleeping. Hopefully, we’re able to find our home as our sanctuary from the distractions and stress of day-to day events. The comfort we find at home is in part, found in the home décor and how it mirrors our personality

Perhaps you have experienced walking into a neighbor’s home and being impressed or even awed with the appearance or alternatively, entered another and wondered, “What were they thinking?” We decorate according to our individual personal tastes, preferences and ultimately budget. Sometimes we find a theme or design in an office, store display or residence we’d like to reproduce in our home and perhaps with a minor tweak or two, personalize it to blend with our existing furniture or décor.

A wall mural can subtly or dramatically change the appearance of a room to match individual or collective family interests. With limitless options for mural subject matter, a mural can reflect an individual and/or family theme such as sporting interests, a favorite vacation destination, historic site, children’s fantasies and others.

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