28+ Smart Laundry Room Storage Organization Ideas

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Not all people think deeply about what their laundry room should look like. This part seems “not really important” than others like the living room or the bedroom. But of course, it is actually reasonable if you want your laundry room to be organized well. Therefore, it is nicer to see as well as you can just do all your activities inside more comfortably. That’s why; it is very good to apply certain storage organization for laundry room ideas so that some purposes above can be achieved.

Laundry room storage is the best to be placed near the washing machine. However, it should not disturb you while doing laundry. You can place a cabinet right above the machine. This kind of cabinets is used to store detergents, softeners, and other supporting tools for the activities. It is clear that the washing machine must be placed close to the water source. This way, if there is another type of storage you want to put there. It can be placed in front of the washing machine.

A problem that is commonly faced by people is that the laundry room itself is not too big. Yes, it is reasonable. If the house itself is not too big, there is no reason to have a big laundry room. So, to avoid the room looking cramped and stuffy, choose a kind of storage that is not too big. Functional storage is even a good idea. For example, the storage can be turned into a bench or something so that you can sit down there.

Besides, you must also attempt to put ventilation or windows there. A laundry room is commonly quite humid and things like mold can be simply grown inside. With enough ventilation, the growth of such creatures can just be avoided. This is how the laundry room storage ideas are said to be smart.

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