47+ Lovely Mid Century Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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Having a kitchen with a very beautiful design is the desire of many people. One very popular kitchen design is the medieval style. This is because this style has a high aesthetic value that makes the kitchen look more beautiful. To make a mid-century kitchenis not difficult. The remodeled kitchen with this style can be done in the following way.

Floor – The kitchen floor in this style is very different from the others. To create a kitchen in medieval style, make the floor more integrated with nature like a gemstone. However, this certainly looks very old-fashioned. Therefore, make a floor made of wood. Wooden floors will enhance the mid-century style of the kitchen but still look modern.

Metal cabinet – To add to the impression of a good mid-century kitchen, by placing a metal cupboard is a very appropriate choice. This is because metal cabinets will make the kitchen look retro like before. Besides, metal cabinets are also very strong and more durable in a very long period.

Color – In general, pastel is a suitable color to show a kitchen in the medieval style. This is because pastel colors were very popular in the 1950s. This color gives a soft and warm impression of the kitchen. Besides, pastel colors can also provide a sense of calm for the residents. The colors that are often used are white, beige, and brown wood. Not only that, at the end of the medieval era, but other colors also began to emerge and be combined with pastel colors. Colors like green and orange will give a cheerful and happy impression. Besides, the combination of these colors will also make the kitchen look sweeter.

Lamps – Medieval lamps are also the result of Scandinavian design. Therefore, lighting in this era was made of brass, wood, and steel. Besides, the bulb used is shaped like a bulb and very warm colors. With a lamp model like this, it will increasingly give the impression of a mid-century kitchen.

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