62+ Lovely and Fresh Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

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When building or renovating a house, the interior should not be the only thing to think about. Even the exterior design is also something important, moreover, when you have a front or backyard. Landscaping becomes a key point of whether the yard looks beautiful or not. It doesn’t always mean that you must grow many plants or flowers with a grand design for sure. Even the simple one can be better looking when you know how to apply it well. Therefore, for the front yard landscaping ideas, they can be a really good welcome area for your guests and homeowners themselves.

there are at least 3 components to be applied in case you want to landscape the yard. They are the lawn, plant area, and path. The lawn or the grassy area is functioned to make the yard look neater and not too much. It also balances the plant area that is commonly bushy so that the yard doesn’t look too crowded.

Then, there are plant areas that consist of spots with bigger plants whether they are flowers, bushes, or even trees. Although they are functioned as garnishes, of course, this type of garnish must not be missed out. Besides, a lawn without plant areas tends to make the yard look more monotonous.

Lastly, there is a path. There is no plant in it but stones or wooden plates where you can step on it. Almost similar to the lawn, the area tends to make the yard or garden, in general, look neater and more artistic. Additionally, it is okay to have things like a pond in the landscape. The water element undeniably makes the landscape look more refreshing and natural. There is an additional treatment for sure like to take care of the fishes or others. Here are some inspirations of front yard landscaping you can follow.

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