63+ Stunning Garden Folly Building Architecture Design

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Talking about the landscape for a residential or commercial building, a garden folly would instantly complement a landscape. The presence of garden follies as part of your landscape design would improve your architecture project significantly. It looks like a real building yet it gives a stunning look for your garden.

Generally, it is not that hard to make garden follies but at some point, you need to learn the basics. The essentials of this thing are to make sure that the result must be eye-catching, fun, and whimsical as well. On the other hand, this creation has no real function in the first place.

The most popular example for folly is a tower, spire, temple, pagoda, arch, pyramid, or simply a single wall. You can turn a folly into the focal point in your garden especially if it is located at a visible spot in your garden.

However, you need to make sure that it serves a surprise point or you can turn it into a secret garden. It is important to make the folly as part of the landscape design. Some homeowners turn their follies into something surprising like compost heaps or a place to store an outdoor oven and barbecue grills. So, everyone can turn the folly into something useful without losing the beauty look.

The most popular materials to build a garden folly are such as wood, stones, or concretes. Consulting a designer would worth your time but you can always be creative by designing it online.
Today, you can use another material to make a folly. It could be a combination of plywood and stone veneers. Everything is possible today and, of course, you can make your dream folly in the garden. Just make sure it complements the overall landscape design. Also, the garden folly should not interfere with the essence of your garden in the first place.

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