86+ Lovely Modern Vintage Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Decorating a bathroom will make a bathroom more attractive. Various decorating ideas can be applied to decorate a bathroom that is more comfortable to use. Modern vintage bathroom can be applied to bathrooms with fresher and cleaner decorations. The current vintage style is also much in vogue to be used as the interior of the room.

To give a modern vintage style to the bathroom, using white as the base color is the right choice. White can give a broader impression and a cleaner bathroom. Vintage style with geometric patterns can also be applied to the bathroom floor. Create a unique and regular impression with geometric patterns on the bathroom floor and wall.

The use of furniture is also an important thing that must also be considered. To be able to create a modern vintage bathroom, the use of furniture is very minimal, but that does not mean furniture should not be added. Choose the appropriate cabinet and do not take up much space. The use of hanging racks can also be the right idea. Besides saving space, the use of hanging racks will give beauty to the room. Use a hanging rack to store towels and other toiletries.

Lighting is also an important element that must also be considered to decorate the bathroom in a vintage style. Having natural lighting can be the right choice. The white color that accents from the vintage style will reflect light well in the room. Providing light from the lamp can also be done. Choose a lamp that has the appropriate artistic impression to be applied to the bathroom. This decorative lamp can play a role in providing light to the room while at the same time providing an artistic element that can make a bathroom even better.

Give the last touch with art. Embed decoration with artificial paintings or drawings can make the room look more modern. Putting some wall decoration can be done by adjusting the portion of the existing place on the wall. Having a medium or minimalist bathroom will be very suitable for applying a modern vintage bathroom style.

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