40 Overreacting Quotes and Sayings

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We need to break the habit of overreacting because of our speedy assumption and judgments. – Richard Carlson

When justice is more certain and more mild, it is at the same time more efficacious. Alexis de Tocqueville

The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you are of loving in the present. Barbara De Angelis

People are just really overreacting. It’s just feel good music. – Jermaine Dupri

The excess energy released from overreaction to setbacks is what innovates! - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Progressives are overreacting .Underreacting, though, to the – what the real threats are, and the real opportunities. – Van Jones

Don’t get upset with people or situations. Both are powerless without your reaction. Gautama Buddha

She knew that nothing was ever as overwhelming or final as he seemed to think, that if he would wait, instead of shouting, there’d be less to shout over in the end. Josephine Johnson

We need to break the habit of overreacting because of our speedy assumptions and judgments.Kristine Carlson

Nervous people tend to overreact. – Toba Beta

Every day you must unlearn the ways that hold you back. You must rid yourself of negativity, so you can learn to fly.Leon Brown

A threatened nation can react to uncertain dangers solely through administrative channels, to the truly embarrassing situation of perhaps overreacting. – Jurgen Habermas

Congress does two things well: nothing and overreacting.Rep. Mike Oxley

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