53+ Stunning Vintage Mid Century Living Room Decor Ideas

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The mid-century was a very interesting design. This is because this design was very popular in the 1950s. Therefore, the medieval design will look unique and certainly different from the others. Medieval design is synonymous with natural impression. So do not be surprised if this design is very suitable for all rooms in the house, especially the living room. The mid-century living room will make the guests who come to be very impressed and amazed. Below are the mid-century living room ideas for you.

Furniture - The first idea that can change the living room with a mid-century design is to put wood furniture. This is because the use of wood furniture will make the living room seem vintage and also blend with nature. Besides, you can also place a coffee table that has geometric patterns on the table legs. Although the size of the coffee table is not too large, this table can also be a focal point of mid-century design. Another idea is to choose brown furniture.

Lighting - For those of you who have a small living room size, then make a window with a medium size. In addition to the circulation of light and air, this window serves to make the room look more spacious. Not only that, but the window is also the best mid-century living room ideas. By using the window, the room becomes brighter during the day without additional electricity.

Color - In general, the mid-century design is synonymous with warm colors. Therefore, the right color choices are like wood brown, gray, orange, mustard, yellow, and olive green. Besides being warm, these colors will also provide comfort and pleasure. Therefore, you will avoid stress. In addition to these colors, you can also combine them with other colors such as white, black, and blue. This color combination is certainly very harmonious and also adds a modern impression to your living room.

Mid-century living room ideasabove you can apply at home. To make the room more attractive, place a very soft and comfortable carpet.

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