68+ Stunning DIY Laundry Room Storage Shelves Ideas

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Laundry room has become a necessity for loyal households today. Because in this room we can do various things to clean our clothes. Starting from washing dirty clothes, placing dirty clothes, hanging certain clothes, to ironing clothes that have been washed or sun-dried outside the house.

However, to be able to facilitate various activities, of course, we need various tools that can support these activities. Therefore, to make it easier for us to store or place the equipment here, we need a special area that will be used as a laundry room storage later.

No need to spend a lot of money and buy it in a ready-made form in furniture stores or household furniture. You can simply use a variety of items that are around you and buy special equipment at the store. Why is that? Because doing DIY (Do It Yourself) work at home alone can certainly save you a few bucks, of course.

Like for example, you can make a hanging rack above your washing machine by using a variety of boards that can still be used. Or you can also add various accessories such as hangers as a place to hang various clothes or also as a place to place various equipment in the laundry room hanging.

If you want these places to be safe and sturdy, then you can do your iron frame installation here later. After installing the iron frame, then you can then provide a base at several ends of each iron frame, and attach it using screws so that it is not easy to move or move later. Below there are so many examples and models of the DIY laundry room that have been applied and can help you to find your inspiration to do it in the laundry room of your house later

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