60+ Smart Beauty and Cute Rock Painting Ideas

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There are so many types of media for painting in the world. You can just mention them; papers, canvas, T-shirts, walls, and more. But more than that have you ever thought about painting on the rock? Well, it sounds weird but the results are incredible. The painted rocks are then used as a home decoration. Place it in the living room around houseplants or in the garden.

Maybe, you are just curious about how to make the rock painting art. It is quite easy and everybody can just do it with little skills and intentions. You can follow some following instructions. First of all, prepare tools and media. For the tools, water colors or oil colors are recommended. But if you want to place the results outside, using oil colors is better anyway. For the media, use wide and flat rocks. Furthermore, the rocks should not also be too small.

Second, start to paint by creating patterns first using pencils. As information, you don’t need to have a big talent for painting to make it. Even simple patterns like flowers or polka dots are enough to make up the rocks. Third, after the patterns are ready, this is time to paint them. You may explore your creativity and ideas to make the result perfect.

The last step is placing stones under sunshine so that the colors are dry. In case you want the stone look glossy, layer it with varnish. Then, stones are ready to use as home decorations. It is undeniably easy and cheap. You can paint the rocks with certain pictures based on where they will be placed. For example, if you want them to be in your garden, paint the rocks with things like flowers, trees, or leaves. On the other hand, you can do other patterns for rock painting ideas to be placed inside.

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