114 Aggressive Quotes and Sayings

Aggressive is a behavior that deliberately intends to hurt or hurt other people, both physically and verbally. This behavior is often linked to children’s attitudes at a developmental age who tend to do whatever they want, even if they have to ridicule or hurt others. Aggressive is associated with a person’s psychological condition and is more often interpreted in negative behavioral connotations. However, from the point of view of psychology, aggression is the behavior or actions of a person aimed at attacking or hurting other creatures. There are many collections of “aggressive” quotes and sayings that you can use as motivation.

No one is more arrogant toward women, more aggressive or scornful, than the man who is anxious about his virility. – Simone de Beauvoir

When introverts are in conflict with each other…it may require a map in order to follow all the silences, nonverbal cues and passive-aggressive behaviors! – Adam S. McHugh

The most obvious drawback of social media is that they are aggressive distractions. – Bill Keller

Fine! He is being passive aggressive with me, and it’s gonna backfire; I’m gonna be active friendly. – Natalya Vorobyova

The world is so competitive, aggressive, consumtive, selfish and during the time we spend here we must be all but that. – Jose Mourinho

A passive aggressive behavior would never lead to real solutions. – Signe Whitson

I think a great negotiator is an aggressive negotiator, and we’re aggressive negotiators, We’re not worried about someone coming at us. – Jennifer Konner

Passive aggressive people consistently makes you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster. – Izey Victoria Odiase

Boxing brings out my aggressive instinct, not necessarily a killer instinct. – Sugar Ray Leonard

Police cannot be allowed to continue aggressive, violent, and often unconstitutional policing with impunity. – Opal Tometi

If you are worried about the risk to your reputation, you don’t launch a telecoms firm in an aggressive way. – Xavier Niel

I try to be as quiet as I can at the plate, but still aggressive. – David Ortiz

The best therapy is actually the more aggressive kind when they break you open; they unleash you. – Cara Delevingne

To show respect for the opponent is to go and kill with every single action. That is the way you show it. You need to be aggressive. That is how I understand football. – Mauricio Pochettino

The most aggressive artists often hide their romantic side. – Don Johnson Jonah

Our republic is a responsible nuclear state that, as we made clear before, will not use nuclear weapons first unless aggressive hostile forces use nuclear weapons to invade on our sovereignty. – Kim Jong-un

The failure of the United Nations – My failure is maybe, in retrospective, that I was not enough aggressive with the members of the Security Council. – Boutros Boutros-Ghali

I love shifting between being super cute and aggressive. It’s funny. – Sigrid

You can be powerful without being loud and aggressive. – Ed Skrein

Any dog can be aggressive; it’s basically the way they’re raised. – Patrick Mahomes

Peretti is one of the smartest web publishers out there. And Buzzfeed is an aggressive and dynamic company. – Nick Denton

Saudi Arabia is a crucial ally in the Middle East, supporting U.S. efforts to fight terrorism and halt the ambitions of a hostile and increasingly aggressive Iran. – Will Hurd

Stay calm and aggressive. – Gabrielle Reece

When you’re thirteen and listening to punk, the aggressive nature of music can sway you to the dark side. – Dave Grohl

My reputation is aggressive this and aggressive that. – Juan Pablo Montoya

Latin men are the most passionate men in the world – they may not be the most aggressive, but they are very passionate, very romantic. – Brooke Burke

When I really love someone, I can only show it by making aggressive and bad-taste remarks. – Slavoj Zizek

I’ve got an outspoken personality, which gets people thinking, and my style of fighting is aggressive. Everything’s on the line all the time. In my fights, there’s drama. – Tyson Fury

Speaking as a biologist, I think women are less aggressive than men, and they play a larger role in the early education of the young and helping them overcome their genetic heirloom. – Christian de Duve

I wanted to be a boy when I was young because boys got to do all the good stuff. So I became very aggressive and very competitive at a young age. – Amy Madigan

A man who is not afraid is not aggressive, a man who has no sense of fear of any kind is really a free, a peaceful man. – Jiddu Krishnamurti

When I was younger, I was an aggressive fighter but I’m growing into someone who understands we don’t have to answer things with violence. – Skepta

You can gain a lot of time from an aggressive strategy, but you can lose a lot of time from an aggressive strategy. – Romain Grosjean

At some point, Apple will become much more aggressive and much more daring in taking their brand and capital to really reshaping markets. – Chamath Palihapitiya

Human nature is potentially aggressive and destructive and potentially orderly and constructive. – Margaret Mead

The car has become the carapace, the protective and aggressive shell, of urban and suburban man. – Marshall McLuhan

I grew up listening to so much different pop and stuff other than just aggressive music. – Chino Moreno

Certainly, if you look at human behavior around the world, you have to admit that we can be very aggressive. – Jane Goodall

I definitely am aggressive – I’m not saying I’m not – but at the same time, I’m sweet and I’m genuine and I’m generous and I’m respectful. – Michael Sorrentino

Humans are very aggressive and scrappy, and go to war at the drop of a hat. However, a standard land war is no longer going to work as it is no longer technically possible. – Bruce Sterling

Aggressive, tough and defiant may describe me, but that leaves the impression I’m mean and I’m not. People expect me to have fangs. – Joan Jett

Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith weren’t polite. They were against the grain. And that’s what we want our music to be: rude, aggressive… like real life. – Jeff Hanneman

I’ve been told I have an aggressive driving style. – Adam Ferrara

I think if a woman is feeling aggressive, she should be aggressive and not hold back. – Jhene Aiko

If you’re playing against an aggressive side, you need to play an aggressive game. – MS Dhoni

I like to work the count, but I know when I have to be aggressive. -Carlos Ruiz

Everyone gets frustrated and aggressive, and I’d sooner take my aggression out on a guitar than on a person. – Paul Weller

In country music, there are certain female artists, like Gretchen Wilson, where you’re going to find lesbians because they’re responding to that more aggressive side. – Melissa Etheridge

We were too young to know better, and none of us were very aggressive people. It would have helped a lot if just one of us had been aggressive enough to say no. – Edie Brickell

I’m not aggressive by nature and it was tough for me to make the transition to directing. – Jennifer Yuh Nelson

When you ask people about guys they didn’t like because they were aggressive, there’s me, John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors; not too many names would come up. – Pete Rose

I wasn’t an overbearing child. But I was aggressive. I always managed to get what I wanted somehow. – Kristy Swanson

Graffiti is usually a protest – ink on walls – or has a reason for being naughty or aggressive. – Cy Twombly

I’m not mean, just aggressive. – Harvey Martin

Everyone has a different training style and being a female, sometimes you find you have to get really aggressive. Some people respond really well to aggression, some people don’t. – Cara Castronuova

When you’re thirteen and listening to punk, the aggressive nature of music can sway you to the dark side. – Dave Gro

It’s important for me to be aggressive and not defer. – Brandon Ingram

If I had been born with an aggressive character, then maybe my palmares would have been longer. – Miguel Indurain

Be aggressive… That’s the type of pitcher I am. I go as hard as I can for as long as I can and see where the cards fall. – Jake Peavy

What I love about tennis is the gracefulness. It’s an aggressive and powerful game, but it takes touch and finesse. – Virgil Abloh

You have to balance, but you can be aggressive as a chef. It benefits the food. You have to be passionate. You can’t be angry cooking. – Marcus Samuelsson

We’ll try and be very aggressive, we’ll try and speed up and change gears, and we’ll see who’s going to win. – Rafael Nadal

People forget the punk thing was really good for women. It motivated them to pick up a guitar rather than be a chanteuse. It allowed us to be aggressive. – Siouxsie Sioux

I was extremely aggressive from the start. – Emerson Fittipaldi

The music industry’s very laid back while I’m very, very aggressive. – Adam Kluger

I don’t plan to restrict myself to rapping in the future, and I didn’t want to come off as too aggressive, which is why I thought about changing my name. – RM

That’s the Apple I want – I want an Apple that’s bold and taking risks and being aggressive. – Phil Schiller

Alligators and crocodiles are some of the most aggressive creatures on the planet – they’ll take down a boat if you come up to their nest. – Jack Hanna

The United States is afraid of China; it is not a military threat to anyone and is the least aggressive of all the major military powers. – Noam Chomsky

I’m not a fan of aggressive meathead dudes who spend three hours at the gym, drink protein shakes, talk about lifting and what juice they’re trying. – Sarah Wright

It’s better for me to play with guys because Rock ‘n’ Roll has such an aggressive attitude. – Lita Ford

It’s always a balance… being clear-headed but being aggressive and as combative as you need to be. – Owen Farrell

This is unexpected… like squirt from aggressive grapefruit. – Earl Derr

This idea that males are physically aggressive and females are not has distinct drawbacks for both sexes. – Katherine Dunn

My least favorite thing about New York is probably the traffic. I hate it. The people are such aggressive drivers here, they’re horrible. – Jack Reynor

Biggers Nothing is more depressing and more illogical than aggressive Christianity. – Gerald Vann

I’m not passive aggressive. If something bothers me, I think about it, then I act on it. I express it. – Anton Yelchin

I am cool and aggressive: aggressive from inside and cool from outside. – Shikhar Dhawan

Whenever you’re aggressive, you’re at the edge of mistakes. – Mario Andretti

Jokes are better than war. Even the most aggressive jokes are better than the least aggressive wars. Even the longest jokes are better than the shortest wars. – George Mikes

I’ll take criticism. I know that’s part and parcel of football. But when it’s just reckless and aggressive, I don’t listen. – Jack Wilshere

I was a naturally aggressive left-back, a cut-throat tackler. – Gordon Ramsay

I’m a very aggressive person. I have slapped people when they have tried to grab me or my friends. I have reported people to the cops. – Mouni Roy

Artists are overcompensating with this aggressive, energetic, hyperstimulation music – it’s like someone shaking you. But it can’t move people on an emotional level. – Thomas Bangalter

I’ve never, ever had people being aggressive to me in public or abusing me, and actually quite a lot of men do say to me, ‘You’re quite good’ – though they can’t bear to go, ‘You’re great.’ – Jo Brand

Pro wrestling is so physical and taxing and just hurts your body; it’s very aggressive entertainment. – Luke Harper

My game is about being aggressive, and I’m not the same player if you take that away from me. – Granit Xhaka

Most workouts are way too aggressive. Thousands of lunges wear out the body. – Richard Simmons

We needed to be assertive as women in those days – assertive and aggressive – and the degree to which we had to be that way depended on where you were. I had to be. – Katherine Johnson

I was the kind of child who worked hard every day with the cows and sheep – I was a very aggressive boy. – Haile Gebrselassie

In the U.S., oddly, we have images of men as arrogant and aggressive. – David Duchovny

My attitude is always one of sensuality, aggressive enthusiasm and a kind of outrageousness in my expression. – Sally Kirkland

I think I have a lot of energy, and most of it is quite aggressive energy. But in a positive way, I think. It’s like a positive aggression. – Eliot Sumner

I have an aggressive streak of my own. – Patty Jenkins

Onstage, we’re very dominant and aggressive. But we laugh and play a lot, too. – Pepa

Female ambition is such a complicated thing to play because it is an aggressive quality, and people respond very badly to women exhibiting any kind of aggression. – Romola Garai

It’s true that my body’s not small and my style is not defensive. I am aggressive, and I am tall. – Garbine Muguruza

The aggressive side of me comes across in my music, but I’m just a sweet girl. – Pink

I’m an aggressive woman who gets things done, and that’s the way it is, and I’ve never been embarrassed about the fact that I am pushy. -Christine Quinn

Some people think of feminine as just being pretty and quiet and sweet, but I also think being feminine is being angry and also being sexy and aggressive and passionate. – Charli XCX

People know that I’m very outspoken. I’ve learned that when I talk, it usually comes off very aggressive. It’s not that I’m aggressive – I’m very stern. – Remy Ma

Where we see corruption and can make a case against it, we’re being aggressive. – Josh Hawley

I need that aggressive attitude to play my music and more men have that attitude than women. – Lita Ford

You have to treat your skin very tenderly. You can’t be aggressive with your skin. Erika Jayne

My mother was aggressive – the typical stage mother. – Dick Van Patten

Men that aren’t threatened by opinionated, faintly aggressive women are in a minority. – Mariella Frostrup

I was almost giving up because the chemo was so intense and aggressive that there were moments I had to find the inner strength within myself. – Taboo

I’m aggressive on the field and a team-man to the core. – Gautam Gambhir

I don’t think the way to succeed is by doing something aggressive. Aggression is weak-minded. – Agnes Martin

I’m a pretty aggressive person, and I’m very saturated. – Shawn Crahan

I’m not an aggressive person at all. But I know how to fight. – Edgar Ramirez

Most of the people I know in show business don’t need anybody pushing them at all. They’re extremely aggressive. – Helen Reddy

Humor without sadness underneath it feels cheap and aggressive. – John Cameron Mitchell

I think the aggressive and loud way that I played in the championship game is kind of polarizing; you either love it or you hate it. – Grayson Allen

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